When you’re a digital nomad, you can essentially work from anywhere. But sometimes, this lifestyle can make us start dreaming of adventure. Imagine hiking with your dog in Zion National Park or working on your laptop on the scenic beaches of Thailand. The freedom of the digital nomad lifestyle is possible, even with a beloved pet in tow. Thousands of digital nomads have successfully traveled the globe with their furry friends, and you’re about to learn their secrets in the following article presented by Live Positively.

The New Digital Nomad Economy

If you’re currently working in a field like food service or retail, working remotely isn’t an option. Polish your resume and think about how your current skill set could transition to remote work. The best careers for digital nomads include digital marketing, customer service, and information technology. Since you’ll be keeping expenses low, you can probably accept a lower entry-level salary to get established in a new field. Make sure your prospective boss, clients, and coworkers know you’re a nomad and might be working an odd schedule as you move from place to place.

VanLife with a Pet

Buying or renting a retrofitted van is the perfect way for digital nomads to explore the continental United States. These large vans can be customized to your needs — including Wi-Fi and a Zoom backdrop for your remote work. Believe it or not, many people comfortably share these spaces with dogs and cats. Create a dedicated area for your pet to rest and relax and a litter box for cats. You should also invest in things like harnesses, crates, and toys, though you should always investigate reviews to ensure what you’re purchasing is actually worth the money. And last but not least, for everyone’s comfort and safety, ensure the van has adequate insulation and air conditioning. 

Pet-friendly Vacation Rentals 

With the rise of online vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, renting a place for a few weeks or months is easier than ever. Unlike van life, staying in rentals gives you more flexibility to travel the entire globe. Choose one rental site you like and become a loyal customer so property owners will see your stellar record. And, of course, don’t forget to filter your search results to only pet-friendly properties with blazing fast Wi-Fi. If you’ll be taking multiple long-haul flights, invest in a sturdy carrier to keep your fur baby feeling secure during air travel. 

Pet Insurance

Here's what written for it right now: Most pets loaf around the house all day, but your nomadic pet will experience a lot more interaction with others and the elements, so you need to make sure they’re protected. They'll need regular checkups, flea and tick preventatives, and any necessary medications. During your travels, however, you may discover that certain states offer better rates for pet insurance. As an example, if you're planning to spend time in Florida during your adventure as a digital nomad, review different pet insurance policies to ensure you have one that offers all the benefits you (and your pet!) will need at a price you can afford. So, let's keep your pets healthy and sign up for a robust pet insurance plan with coverage in every place you plan to travel. And last but not least, before you begin your adventure, take your pet to your trusted vet for a full exam, and bring all of the necessary paperwork with you on your journeys.

Hitting the Road

From finding the right job to finding the right living situation, becoming a digital nomad will take some trial and error — but stick with it to reap the amazing benefits of this lifestyle.